out on a walk: morning meditation

Ah, the magic of enjoying a few moments alone, nurturing myself in nature, after a run at a local park!

I walk barefoot through the gardens still soaked with last night’s rain, alternately massaging my soles on lush grass and gravelly cement.

Breathing in the fragrances of the earth, I imagine new flowers blooming beneath each footstep and bow with deepest gratitude to the four directions.

2 thoughts on “out on a walk: morning meditation

    1. Let me tell you, it’s rare that I get to the park by myself! It’s usually a family event. That I could run without the jog stroller, have a moment to meditate, a glimpse of “insight,” and a second to even think about blogging about it is truly amazing! And I know better than to be attached to it happening so seamlessly again…

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