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It’s hard to ignore TIME’s May 21 cover. There’s Jamie Lynne Grumet, looking every bit the supermodel in superskinny jeans, ballet flats and a strappy tank top with the neckline tugged down to make way for … her nearly 4-year-old son. He’s breast-feeding.

Over the past few months, breast-feeding has grabbed headlines as moms have staged nationwide nurse-ins to draw attention to their right to breast-feed in public. Mothers with babes in arms have collectively bared their breasts in Target stores; they’ve had their infants latch on at Facebook’s headquarters and at the state capitol in Georgia.

But the campaign for greater acceptance of nursing in public — and all those detractors who recoil when they see a mother feeding a baby just as her body is programmed to do — pales next to the startling image of Grumet feeding a boy who clearly doesn’t need breast milk to…

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  1. I think it is a personal thing. For me, I wanted to be done nursing when my kids were 1 year. I did not nurse my oldest son bc I could not – he never got enough and was happier with formula. My daughter nursed the longest – 10 months and my youngest son for about 7 months. I feel that I gave them what they needed nutritionally. I had no intention of nursing past the 12 – 14 month stage. I liked nursing when they were little babies and was “done” as they inched near toddlerhood. Truth be told, THEY chose when they were done nursing. I think we were in sync! They were done when I was close to being done. It was a good thing. However, I think it is a case-by-case, child-by-child decision.

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