potty: repurposed



fill with water

fill with water

schooner-sized sippy cup

create a schooner-sized sippy cup

Can you guess what was in his diaper at the time?! (OH! Adding to the madness + magic, this, of all songs, actually came on my Pandora Sade station: music for this moment of madness + magic.) Thank heavens he had never actually used it for its intended purpose! Until…*

*BREAKING NEWS: Surprise, surprise! K had some serious movement (as in: major toddler milestone) this morning & will no longer be allowed to play with his pot!


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5 thoughts on “potty: repurposed”

  1. Ta-da! Before having kids, never did i think i would be so excited that someone else used the toilet. I had never congratulated anyone for doing their business on the pot nor had i ever given it much thought. Now i also blog about it

  2. We just started the process. I’ve already had to under-react to three accidents. Alas, wouldn’t be any fun if they got it on the first try!

    1. Indeed, “under-reacting” is the key. We’re not really active training mode–just getting him warmed up to the idea &, eventual, practice. When my mom first gave it to us some months ago, he was weirded out by the “revving” sound the handle makes & hesitated to even use it as a step-stool. Then he realized its value for enabling him to reach the sink! He’s sat on it here & there–clothed or in a diaper. So we’ve gradually introduced books about using the potty…and he has full access to the bathroom almost always, so he observes us in action. I’ve also been asking him to help me flush his “big ol’ dinosaur poopy.” Spontaneously, this morning he sat on his (trying to hang out next to me, I guess), so I told him to take off his wet diaper. I was totally surprised when he returned to sit and, within moments, ta-da!

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